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Tabi and I have been busy with lots of things, including the following:



  • We add at least one tool a week to this site, some more useful than others. At the time of writing, we've settled into the routine of uploading a name generator to the site every Monday, and creating a 'random thingy generator' every Friday. All of these gadgets use JavaScript, so make sure your browser allows you to run that before trying out any of these gadgets.

    • Tools: Our tools and gadgets.
      • Card Indices: Random event generators and tables.
        • Annoying Vocal Habit Generator: Your players will hate you.
        • Fortean Event Generator: Strange and peculiar events.
        • Incongruous Monster Generator: Monsters that just don't belong.
        • Nasty Thing Generator: Random misfortunes and hazards.
        • Plot Hook Generator: Random plot twists.
        • Random GM Irritator: Raise his blood pressure!
        • Random News Generator: Random gossip and news.
        • Random Villain Generator: Careers for your adversaries.
        • Villain Motivator: Give your villains motives!
      • Epic Item Generators: Epic-level magic items at the click of a button.
        • Random Epic Ring Generator: One ring to twink them all...
        • Random Epic Rod Generator: Munchkin sceptres!
        • Random Epic Staff Generator: Because wizards don't have enough magic. Really.
        • Random Epic Wondrous Item Generator: More overpowered random baubles!
      • Magic Item Generators: Devices to fill your treasure hoards!
        • Random Cursed Item Generator: Because I don't like any of you and you deserve it.
        • Random Magic Armour Generator: Does anyone have a random can opener generator?
        • Random Magic Potion Generator: I don't think you should drink random potions.
        • Random Magic Ring Generator: In darkest day, in blackest night...
        • Random Magic Rod Generator: Not an excuse for nob gags. Honestly.
        • Random Magic Staff Generator: Magic staves. Knobs on the end optional.
        • Random Magic Wand Generator: Nothing to do with a certain very special boy wizard.
        • Random Magic Weapon Generator: It's a +1 useful article!
        • Random Scroll Generator: Random spell scrolls!
        • Random Wondrous Item Generator: Magical gewgaws and doodads!
      • Psionic Item Generators: Special equipment for your mindbenders!
        • Random Cognizance Crystal Generator: Scraping the bottom of the psionic barrel here!
        • Random Dorje Generator: Psionic wands and rayguns at the click of a button.
        • Random Power Stone Generator: Because psions are too good to use scrolls.
        • Random Psicrown Generator: Headgear for the discerning brain-to-brain combatant.
        • Random Psionic Armour Generator: Fashion for the discerning psychic warrior!
        • Random Psionic Tattoo Generator: Incredible Ink!
        • Random Psionic Weapon Generator: I THINK this sword's pretty sharp...
        • Random Universal Item Generator: Various random items for your psionic characters.
      • Bar-Room Brawl Machine: A game of brawling.
      • Character Database: A database of character stats.
      • Dice Bag: A random number generator.
      • Dungeon Encounter Generator: Encounters for 20 dungeon levels!